Large Glass Table Top Installation


  • Service - Window Deglazing, High Level Crane Work, Toughened Glass with Polished Edges

  • Year - 2023

  • Client - Nicolas James Group

  • Sector - Commercial

Southern Glass Services manufactured and installed a large glass tabletop for use in a meeting room in Harbour House in Southampton. Due to the large 3500mm length of the tabletop we had to manufacture it in two pieces to enable us to get it into position. The glass itself is 19mm thick and toughened in order to withstand the weight of laptops and people leaning on it. The edges of the glass panels were also polished to provide a more discreet join.

Each panel had to be lifted into the building using a crane into a window that we had deglazed to allow the glass to pass through. The crane area was cordoned off to ensure safe working practices. Once the glass had been moved into the building the window was then reglazed and left as good as new.

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