Bespoke Aluminium Shopfront With Large Glass Panels


  • Service - Bespoke Shopfront Design, Aluminium Frame Install, Large Glass Panel Install

  • Year - 2023

  • Client - Bluegroup Retail

  • Sector - Commercial

Southern Glass Services were approached to install a new shopfront within the West Quay shopping centre. We worked directly with the client to create a bespoke shopfront design that matched their criteria.

The main feature of this shopfront is the curtain wall system consisting of over 5m long panels of glass. It also features a goalpost door design. We had to incorporate a number of structural reinforcement techniques in order to ensure that the door frame would not move while in use. The aluminium shopfront frame was brass wrapped in accordance with the visual philosophy of the client.

Due to the large size of the glass panels we had to use a glass crane with a vacuum sucker attachment and a scissor lift to position the glass in place. These were then fixed into the frame by hand and finished using silicone.

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