Bespoke Secondary Glazing Install


  • Service - Secondary Glazing Manufacture and Install Into Existing Openings

  • Year - 2023

  • Client - Christ Church Winchester

  • Sector - Bespoke

Southern Glass Services manufactured and installed secondary glazing frames for Christ Church in Winchester. All the existing windows in the building is single glazed, which can cause thermal issues during the winter months. Due to the church being a listed building it is not always possible to do work on the exterior of the building. As a result, we recommended installing secondary glazing within the existing window openings.

The secondary glazing can be opened to allow access to the existing windows to allow for ventilation and can also be temporarily removed during the warmer months if required. Each of the secondary glazing frames feature toughened glass panels for superior safety and impact resistance. The frames have also been powder coated to match the existing framework.

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