Bespoke Wide Aluminium Glass Entrance Replacement


  • Service - Bespoke Framework and Entrance Replacement with Cross Design on Glass Panels

  • Year - 2022

  • Client - Chandler's Ford Methodist Church

  • Sector - Bespoke

Chandler’s Ford Methodist Church required a replacement entrance after their existing one was significantly damaged. During the initial survey process we also secured the entrance in order to prevent further damage and unwanted intruders. This is a particularly wide entrance way, which is comprised of 6 large glass panels and a set of double doors. Due to the size and weight of the framework it was crucial that our replacement entrance fit perfectly into the existing opening.

Aside from the bespoke frame dimensions, we also chose to powder coat the new frame to a specific RAL colour to match the existing entrance. We installed toughened double-glazed panels, opposed to the single glazed panels the customer had in place previously. This will provide far superior strength and safety as well as helping to improve the insulation of the building. The entrance also features two cross designs which are inlayed inside of the double-glazed panels. We created new versions of these to carry-over the design of the previous entrance.

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