Glass Roof Canopy Replacement


  • Service - Removal and Replacement of an Elevated Glass Roof Canopy Using a Scissor Lift and Crane

  • Year - 2023

  • Client - Andover War Memorial Hospital

  • Sector - Healthcare

Southern Glass Replaced a damaged glass panel, which was part of a roof canopy at Andover War Memorial Hospital. The glass size and specifications were taken during a site survey visit prior to starting the work. We then produced a panel that was an exact match of the current panels in both size and specification in order to keep the look of the canopy consistent. We also had to account for four holes to be drilled into the panel that will allow it to be fixed into place.

Once the replacement panel had been manufactured, we planned to complete the works. As this particular application was for an entrance at a hospital extra consideration had to be taken to ensure that the running of the hospital was not affected. We incorporated a spider crane with a vacuum unit to lift and position the glass above the frame. Our glaziers were raised into position using a scissor lift to enable them to safely guide the glass into the fixing pins.

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