High Level Double Glazed Unit Replacement


  • Service - Glass Panel Replacement Using Crane and Tower Scaffold

  • Year - 2023

  • Client - Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa

  • Sector - Commercial

Southern Glass Services conducted a replacement of a damaged, high-level double-glazed panel for Southampton’s Harbour Hotel & Spa. This was a particularly challenging job due to the lack of space and manoeuvrability between the side of the hotel and the water.

Due to the high-level nature of the works we elected to use a crane with a glass vacuum unit and a tower scaffold. This enabled us to remove the damaged panel with minimal disturbance to the hotel. It also enables us to perfectly position the replacement panel before manually fixing.

We matched the specification of the replacement glass panel to that of the damaged panel. This ensures that exterior appearance of the hotel is not affected in any way.

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