Large Multi-Panel Glass Installation


  • Service - High Level, Bespoke Large Glass Panels, Installation Using Spider Crane, Curtain Wall System

  • Year - 2023

  • Client - Boots

  • Sector - Commercial

Southern Glass Services removed and replaced a variety of large glass panels on the shopfront for Boots in Croydon. There were several things to consider with this job due to the number and size of panels to replace, the height at which they would need to be installed and the potential for foot traffic during the installation process. During our initial survey we identified the exact number of panels required replacing as well as taking detailed measurements for each panel and noting the fixing method for each panel. We took extra care to note the number and distance of the holes required in the side of the glass panel to accommodate the fixings for the curtain wall system.

Once we had an installation date, we then arranged for the access equipment to be ready on site. This not only ensures that we have a safe working area but also provides a quicker and more secure method for installing the glass. The spider crane and glass worker machine can take all the weight of the glass panels, which enables our glaziers to effectively guide them into position for securing into place. We had cordoned off the working area using barriers and tape to ensure that no visitors or members of the public are at risk of harm. The work was carried out prior to operating hours to ensure that we did not affect the day-to-day running of the business.

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