Large Shopfront Glass Panel Replacement


  • Service - Bespoke Large Glass Panel, Installation Using Spider Crane, Toughened Glass Panel

  • Year - 2023

  • Client - DFS

  • Sector - Commercial

Southern Glass Services replaced a large, damaged shopfront panel at DFS in Croydon. An initial site survey was conducted in order to determine the exact size, specification and installation method of the glass panel. As the glass is situated at the front of the store, we felt it was necessary to use toughened glass due to the superior strength and security it provides. We then spoke with the client to arrange an installation date and time that would be suitable for them.

We arrived on site early morning to cause the minimum amount of disruption to the operation of the store. Once on site we set up a small scaffold tower next to the window to give us access to the upper section of the glass panel. We arranged for a spider crane to be taken to site to enable us to safely and effectively move the glass panels. The advantage of the spider crane is that it can take up all the weight of the glass panels, which enables our glaziers to easily guide it into position. The crane also offers us the opportunity to move the glass in different angles and positions, which is useful in applications where there is poor or limited footing or where access is obstructed.

Once the replacement panel has been installed our glaziers ensured that it is sealed into place before tooling it off to create a neat finish. We then disassembled the scaffold tower and placed all waste into dedicated glass bins for disposal at the Southern Glass Services yard.

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